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Site Evaluations

Even if you only want to make a few additions to your existing design, doing so can end up being very demanding. When your plan involves additions to the plumbing or all new septic installation, it is very important that you contact an engineering consultant. A skilled consultant will be able to determine what methods are best for your location and what to avoid.

You don’t want to risk flooding or backups when you install new pipes. As water engineering specialists, we know exactly what to look for when performing site evaluations. We will help determine if there is a risk for flooding and how to best prevent sewage backups on your property.

At Brand Engineering & Consulting, LLC, our consulting engineering team will not only have the experience and the resources to design your septic systems, they’ll be able to ensure that everything functions as it should for a long time to come.

If you think it’s time to improve your structure or create a new one, a professional and reliable engineer from our company can help. Contact Brand Engineering & Consulting, LLC in Durango, CO to and speak with one of our professional engineers. They’ll help with every part of your septic system design.