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Septic System Design

If you are interested in installing a septic system for your new home or commercial property contact Brand Engineering & Consulting, LLC right away. As water engineering specialists, we offer excellent septic system design. When it comes to drinking water and waste water engineering, you can count on us to provide you with an efficient and environmentally friendly system that will cut down on your water bills.

Septic systems are highly efficient, self-contained waste water treatment systems that can be highly economical in more rural areas. There are two main parts in installing a new septic system, which includes both the septic tank itself and the drainfield. Septic replacement and installation services often require some excavation and careful planning within a series of trenches on your property to be functional. Our drinking water engineering company can walk you through each step and explain to you how to keep the system up and running.

Residents in and around Durango, CO can get excellent septic tank installations by contacting Brand Engineering & Consulting, LLC. Call us today for more information!